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She Sheered - Part 5 of 5

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What better way than to oblige her need for a rinse to get rid of the hair I had fed her, and ensure that she had one last trip to degradeville for the day? She’s normally such a proud and strong young lady. I just couldn’t resist taking advantage of this opportunity to keep her under a while longer, while her resistance was low.

I don’t remember if she knew what to expect when I had her kneel in the bath, but she was certainly aware of what was coming when I held my flaccid dick before her face. I had her open wide, and she got her very first shower.

Something about trying to aim while looking through a camera, shooting gonzo-style, makes it almost impossible not to piss in their eye at first. But that’s really not the only reason her eyes were watering.

After all I put her through, though, we still got a smile at the end.

That girl is a fucking champ.

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